Friday, March 16, 2018

Star News:Outstanding TV Host Miss P, Launches a New Season Of “The Miss P Show”.

         Renown TV Host Pamela Happi popularly known as 'Miss P.' launches a new season of “The Miss P Show”. The show will be aired every Saturdays at 8:30 P.M. and Mondays at 5:00 P.M. beginning on the 17th of March 2018 on national television, Canal 2 International. The Cameroonian Media First Lady is coming back on our TV screens with more confidence, educating and entertaining content.

She also releases breath-taking photos in partnership with “Chrisalide Photography”.
The pictures tell a story of her journey so far in the Entertainment industry. See photos below.

"In the beginning, introducing innovation was the goal. Bringing in an added value."

"Soon enough I realize the environment I found myself in seemed to refuse and reject development."

"Stress and depression settled in as I noted that the people do want change so bad but are not groomed to facilitate and encourage each other to grow."

"What was more depressing was to understand that monetizing could mean giving up my principles and core values, settle into mediocrity and seem to move forward as is the norm."

"Reflections on the way forward; Should I stay? Should I go...?"

"Staying true to what I believe in, with my head up high and my integrity in check; the fight for success starts with you."

"Life is like a jungle."

"To face life, you have to be fierce and brave."

"I'm back."

New Video + Download: Sighan - GWA GWA | Watch.

Making her come back into the music scene after the release of her first single, "Ababan", Cameroon's fast rising songwriter and singer Sighan releases another mind blowing track titled "Gwa Gwa".
An expression of never ending love for her lover, "Gwa Gwa" is a deep love song with sparkling arrangements as well as visuals that makes it really enjoyable for listening, viewing and smooth dance of course.
The Song was Produced by Sangtum, Video directed by Cameroon's Favourite, Dr. Nkeng Stephens.

 Watch the video below and share your thoughts!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Download 'African Woman' by Bill C (Produced by Mr.Waxy).

 Bill C, is a fast rising Cameroonian singer and a solo artist who has released yet another mind blowing single titled "African Woman ".He dedicates the song to all hardworking African mothers,who have never given up on their children and he says they're simply amazing women.

Listen to "African Woman" by Bill C. below !

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Movie: Alenne Menget, Lami Lum-Manfor, Nsang Dilong, Atem-Ebai and Frank Sire Star In The Movie "A Good Time To Divorce

 The movie "A Good Time To Divorce", is a story about a retired Chief  Warrant Officer who refuses to accept divorce from his wife.Chief Warrant Officer Nchifor Thomas,after investing not only all the love he has to offer but everything he has earned in his life,is challenged to face the rest of his life alone.This movie reminds us of the marital battles some African families go through.It is a Cameroonian film starring Alenne Menget,Lami Lum-Manfor,Ivan Namme,Mayohchu Atem-Ebai,Frank Sire,Gobina Franklin and Nsang Dilong.It premieres on the 24th of March at Oklahoma,on the 6th of April at Dallas and 13th April at Maryland.

 This blockbuster movie will have you glued to your television screens.A Good Time To Divorce was Written and Directed by Nkanya Nkwai.

Tickets are available,contact us for more information.

New Video + Audio Download: Awu - Sidomina | Watch.[Produced by Phill Bill]

Plaza Entertainment presents their artist Awu,in his new music video tiled "Sidomina". The Cameroonian artist who has been doing music since the year 2012,participated  and won the first position in the Carton Rouge inter-schools competition.He later did a collaboration with an American rapper called Colby Jeffers,the song was titled "Change The World".The collaboration yielded him a lot of open doors in his music career.In addition, Awu released more music videos like; "Make Some Noise" and "For Ma Mind".In 2016,he did a song for AFCON to support the African women in sports.It's with that song he finally got signed to Plaza Entertainment.The song went viral and was used to celebrate the indomitable Lionesses alongside other African Teams in the AFCON.

In a nutshell,Awu has decided to stay consistent in his art as he recently released his first official music video for the year 2018,titled "SIDOMINA". It's a good love song accompanied with amazing visuals by Adah Akenji.

Watch 'SIDOMINA' below and share your thoughts with us on the comment section.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

FASHION: Bisi Designs Launched Her First Collection For The Year 2018,Called "Supernatural Me" Collection.

As the Cameroon Music Industry blossoms so is the Fashion Industry. Designers are putting in their best to produce good and quality fabrics.
      Cameroonian designer Bisi Courage,who is a creative director of the fashion brand "Bisi Designs" based in Limbe Cameroon,is a "contemporary and Ankara" inspired fashion design brand.The Bisi Design brand,majors in the production and designing of both male and female clothing, Ankara accessories such as bangles,necklaces.earnings, Shoes,handbags and much more.

      The CEO went further to say,"As a Fashion Brand,their main goal and focus is to showcase Africa and mainly Cameroon to the world through fashion that's why we love our African fabric so much." She recently launched their first collection for the year 2018 called "SUPERNATURAL ME''.'Supernatural Me' collection is to portray a strong and confident woman.This collection focuses on making every woman feel beautiful and confident in each piece.The designs are simple yet classic.

     Supernatural Me collection will bring out the best in you.The pieces from this collection can be worn to any event or parties.

 Contact Bisi Designs for your elegant outfits.
Facebook@bisidesigns B.D Instagram @bisidesignsofficial and @bisidesigns Twitter: bisidesigns Kingschat @bisidesigns Call ; +237678259213 Email :

Cameroonian Rapper Tilla, Slams The Organizers Of Urban Jamz Awards.

Cameroonian female rapper Tilla, slams the organizers of Urban Jamz Awards, which was held on the 10th of March 2018,at Chariot hotel,Buea.She says it's not authentic as they organizers claims it is.Here is what she said;

  "OK for those who say I'm only being jealous cus I wasn't nominated please kindly tell me what those who were nominated got or even the winners. Go on, am waiting cus all they seem to have achieved including the organizers is the feeling of validation and wanting to "belong". The Cameroonian system is mainly structured to form followers and not leaders so when they hear someone standing up for something even for a positive great course they automatically think it's a bad thing or it's due to negative factors. I have always been different. I have never blended in and I don't intend to start now. I validate myself everyday no matter what cus I know I'm different and I don't try to sound like anybody or try to do the easy obvious music. I could if I wanted to but I choose to sound the way I do. Even though things are really getting better for me, the "know it alls" say I'm frustrated. I wonder why. It's sad cus most of them are men and I'm like why u hating on a woman like I don't even have a dick like it's not like now that The Dedes got me I'll step up n take yo bitch or something. Or maybe they just mad cus a woman is doing things they wish they were doing... And I'm still getting started lol. They say my music is not in fashion but I say my music is THE FUTURE. Lemme go back to the studio for Tillarmy .The rest of y'all can kiss ma black ass".