“I don’t think we support each other.There’s too much pride going around in this industry”

Today, Cameroonian producer, Edi Ledrae spilled out some tea on twitter when the Miss Gina Promotes’ team hosted him on their show called “237 Tweet Party”.

The 237 Tweet Party, is an 1hr for question and answer session between fans/supporters to the guest star. It’s also a platform to promote your craft and you get to chat with your supporters one on one.

Edi Ledrae, was asked by one of his supporters: “What can you say about the Cameroon Ent. Industry? Do you also think the established artists and our producers support upcoming artists that much?”

He responded saying: “I don’t think we support each other the way we’re supposed to but then again, we’ve got a lot to learn. There’s too much pride going around in this industry. Mendem like for “make make” lol”

What do you think about Edi Ledrae’s respond? Is he stating facts or not ?

Recap of our 237 Tweet Party on the screenshots below!

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