Wow! See Creativity Written In These Photos.44 Pictures Collaborates With Cameroonian Model Valatina Teka To Paint A Picture Of Slavery

Picture they say,tells a thousand words and can be interpreted in different ways.
Chains and strokes nowadays doesn’t actually paint a picture of slavary. This piece of art from Cameroonian Photographer “44 pictures” is deeper than the olden day slavery,because these days,the chains are unseen so getting help is difficult.Souls are imprisoned in fake bodies that need validation to feel fit enough to live,is modern day slavery.

Its spreading too fast,we might all fall victims.Feeling incomplete when you miss a trend that won’t add any inch to your height nor value to your life, that’s modern day slavery.
Its so normalised,its hard to realise its actually slavery.Free yourself and take charge of your life!! Be who you are.

 Whats your own definition of Modern day Slavery ? Comment below.

Photo credit: 44 Pictures
Model: Valatina Teka
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