“Forced Marriage: – The tale of Askia and Alpha Better Records”


Should we be talking of Rap in Cameroon without mentioning the name Askia, then that will simply be absurd.

Starting her career with her first single titled “Tata Obasseh” and later surprising her followers with another beautiful piece titled “Gimme the Koko” which gained her a lot of popularity in the south west region as a whole, Askia was in no doubt heading to the top. As years went by, the talented rapper kept up with her good work by putting up many viral singles and collabos like “Na news”, “I don craze”, “Panda” (cover), Welcome for Kwata featuring Skidi Boy and most importantly La Reine freestyle which was clear she was solidifying herself as the undisputable queen of Kamer rap.

Fortunately for her, Tilla who seemed to be her greatest competitor left New Bell Music at that time and was on a low key.With this entire buzz, Askia got herself a record deal with one of the biggest and successful record labels in the country which is, of course, the Alpha Better records of Salatiel.

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Askia then went on to put out her first single under the label titled “Ma Valeur” which made waves because of the extra energy she had. Besides the few collabos she had in the label, “Ma Valeur” was the only song she did before she was reportedly kicked out of Alpha Better records.

Now based on these circumstances, we could bet Askia was never really going to have a successful career at Alpha Better Records despite the high caliber of the record label.
First of all, Askia started her career as a Mboko rapper. She gained a lot of fans and appreciation from her rap as a solo artist.

Despite the numerous criticisms she got based on her personal lifestyle, she kept her flames burning doing what she does best. But with the coming of the Alpha Better golden opportunity, she turned out to be a big disappointment and lost her way. Getting into Alpha Better, Askia couldn’t be the same Mboko rapper the world knew her for. She had to change her style completely: from her lyrics, her choices of songs, and her lifestyle. All of that had to change in order to keep the good name of the label. She was even criticized by a handful of her fans who were vest with the raw (street) nature of her rapstyle, when she released Ma Valuer.

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Taking into note all these factors, it was pretty much obvious that Askia was getting out of the label sooner or later. Never the less, just few months after leaving Alpha Better, Askia is set to drop her EP anytime from now. Most music pundits have anticipated it will be one of the greatest come back which has been expected by many Kamer rap fans.

Will Askia be able to gather the population once more as a lone artist and reclaim her throne? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Listen to her latest song “Na How Eh?” produced Edi Ledrae.

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