Star Focus : Smith Brown CEO Of The Fashion Brand “Heighst237”

 Heights237 is a fashion brand created by a young brilliant Cameroonian designer Smith Brown. He Started building his career as a renowned fashion designer since 2010. He has also succeeded in taking the Heights237 brand international,

where he is based now. He’s an ambitious and innovative African fashion designer who creates his own to be as unique as the word. He has participated in fashion events, fashion seminars, fashion workshops, and also visited most of the famous fashion brands in UAE. He also got to meet the Elegant Magazine team in UAE, which few of his designs where selected and published in the Elegant Magazine “September Issue 2016”. Ekaterina Yudina is a Dubai based top Model who wore the Heights237 outfits that where featured in the Elegant Magazine #2016. @katie_yudina.

 These are great and unique designs by the Cameroonian designer Smith Brown,we encourage Cameroonians to support Heights237 brand by placing an order for one of these designs.Together lets support and wear our own 237 brands.Feel free to share your thoughts with us on the comment section below,and also contact Heights237.

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