PREMIERE: Salatiel – Ca Se Passe ici

After Wining the MTN Make The Music Competition in 2014, Salatiel released  a mega hit song Fap Kolo which was well received all over Cameroon.
The success was so huge that Salatiel went on a Europe Tour alongside Dr Sley and The Green Soldiers 
Since the Producer / Singer and also C.E.O of Alpha Better Records returned from his Tour he has been working on his Album titled “I- Am – Salatiel“. 
And earlier today Thursday 25th February 2016,  he decides to drop the second single off his Album titled Ca Se Passe ice
This song will generate a nostalgic feeling 
In the hearts of 70s, 80s and 90s Babies since it is a mix of some of the greatest Camer old school hits. Salatiel successfully integrate old hit tunes from Bebe Manga, Sam Fan Thomas,Tom Yoms, Petit Pays, Douleur, Manu 
Dibango, Zangalewa etc 
and merge with some new school hits like “Ca Sort Comme Ca Sort”, “Coller La Petite”, “BahBah” etc.
This Afro Pop song was Produced by Salatiel himself and it Is special because it pays tribute
 to some old school Cameroon Music Heroes 
and at the same time celebrates music of the present generation.  

 DOWNLOAD – Salatiel_ ca-se-passe-ici-[Produced-By-Salatiel]

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