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Apostle Lefor Divine popularly known by his stage name Daddy D. has released yet another heartfelt and touching music video titled “Redemption”. The controversial rap Apostle has used his voice to cry for his nation(Cameroon) with strong punchlines he passes this prophetic message in a song. Redemption should be used as a nation anthem in Cameroon.

Watch Redemption video below:

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(Redemption Lyrics)

Yeah, Daddy D…

Verse 1:
No man e shit di ever smell yi
But di time e dey like we don shit for road den masham/
No man e house di ever far from road
But di time okada no dey, council don stopam/
We dey like boy wey dey don gi yi tete all side/
Now e b like we must turn to Pere/
Father, we need your Voice so we can drown the noise 2x/
All man di tremblé say country go scatter/
But na God get power/
Before federation we need revelation; for the creation of our belov-ed nation/
We don’t just need political stands or views
We need a spiritual stand and moral values/
Wen we wan talk, dey jus di kill us… we jus di die like goose/
Can you imagine, marginal rights, marginal lives… Heh heh/
Dying in silence, by bullets and sirens/
Father we need Your hand, Heal our land…/
Look at my people are suffering/
Ignored and wounded by government/
Father we need your hand so we can stand/
We shutting down with all the bullets and politics!/

We need redemption…Father Father eh
…Come to our rescue rescue 2x

I pray for my nation…
Where u at my people
(Wusai my people dem dey)2x
We need redemption yea
Redemption yea
Redemption yea
Redemption…We calling for redemption.

Everybody di fear/
All man di run with gear/
People di ask me why you no di fear? Why you no di run di terrene?/
I tell dem I b don run since
Massa I b don enter ma safe place/
Wey nothing no fit ever touch me/
Wey nothing no fit ever move me/
I got a Name, a strong Tower/
I got a Lane, a Flyover/
The righteous man runs in and they saved/
Me my family we’re preserved/
So we no go run go Douala/
So we no di go any Yaounde/
Aseh we no di go no Maroua
We no di run go Ngaoundere/
You may say we need separation/
I say we need na redemption/
While some say we need more guns/
I say we need na God ya!/
In Him I move, I live and have my being, and that’s a thing!/
So I di waka my waka, cus am redeemed and that’s the thing!/

Nothing no fit ever …mmmn mmmn/ 2x
Cus am redeemed yeah mmmhhhmmm/ 2x
I cry my nation 4x

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