Music: 237 Producer Edi Ledrae Release A Special Song Title “Call Me”,Dedicated To His Daughter Who Is Plus One Today

Producer and CEO of 808 Nation Edi Ledrae,release new song celebrating the life of his daughter Adraeya,who is plus one today.Edi Ledrae is truly setting example of the responsibilities of a young father.Read the touching message he wrote on Facebook; “It’s been a year since I put out any music. The last song I put out was dedicated to my unborn child who turned one year today. As a result, making sure she’s ok is my everyday duty
This song isn’t just for my kid, it goes out to every kid out there & every parent out there to always cherish, love and hold tight your seed for every child is a blessing and a blessing is love and if God is love then children are there for GOD and of course GOD is not a play so let’s hold our kids tight and always makes sure we’re there for them at every moment of their lives no matter how hard it gets most especially the fathers. Y’all hold them little ones tight”. Listen to the “Call ME” Produced by Drae Boi

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