MGP List : 20 Cameroonian Celebrities You Should Follow On Snapchat

Its no news,we all know social media is taking over the world,from Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and now Snapchat.Although Instagram copied the idea of snaphat and made Instagram stories.Our celebrities love to connect with their fans and in the same way fans like seeing their favorite celebrities daily activities.
We’ve put together our list of 20 Cameroonian Celebrities you should follow on Snapchat,beacuse it will make your snapchat feed interesting plus you get closer look at these stars.
 Stanley Enow – (stanleyenow on SC)

 Follow “kingkong” Stanley Enow on snapchat and you won’t regret it,you definitely see how much love his fans on the streets show him,from studio sessions to video shoots and more.

Syndy Emade – (syndy.emade on SC)
This list would not be complete if the screen goddess Syndy Emade was not in it.She posts interesting things,from vacations to events and to work,I mean she is living life to the fullest.

Montess – (montessofficial on SC)

Montess rarely post on snap but when she does,she shows us how she is having a great time in USA.

Mic Monsta ( iammicmonsta – SC)


 Mic Monsta, Cameroon’s baddest and finest lyricist is interesting.He takes us through his daily activities,from studio sessions to freestyle and little bit of romance.

Askia ( askiacute on SC)

 Askia,”Mami Bakala” watching er snaps you will feel like you are part of her daily activities,from tours to studio sessions,to partying and so many times she addresses “her haters” on snap.

Daphne Njie ( daphnenjie1 on SC)


Cameroonian singer and hit maker Daphne Njie,shows us the comic side of her on snap,we enjoy watching her snaps because we get to know what she is up to and get exclusives on her next moves.

DivaLenore (divalenore2 on SC)

 Co -owner of BrightenMi Cosmetics always gives us that interesting vibe on snapchat.Add her on your snapchat and you won’t regret it.

Ebako (camericanidol on SC)

 Super talented rapper Ebako will spice up your every minute on snapchat.

   Ebangha Njang (officialmzyve on SC)

 Socialite,Event organizer and Co-founder of one of Cameroon’s leading record label KreefEnt always doing the most on snapchat.

Anyi Asonganyi (anyiasonganyi on SC)

 The popular makeup artist and designer Anyi Asonganyi,we love watching her snaps as she sometimes educate,inspires and takes us through her work as a designer and makeup artist.

Nabil Nabstar ( sabipikin on SC)

Add “King of snapchat” Nabil the famous radio host and rapper.

Mimie (m_imie on SC)

 Add up the amazing and talented singer Mimie on snapchat.

 Nathalie Koah ( nathalie.koah on SC)

 Nathalie Koah,socialite and mother,add her and learn one or two things on some of the dishes she cooks and shows us on snap.

Numerica ( numericaaa on SC)

Blanche Bailly ( nerilan on SC)

 Yong Flo ( y_flo on SC )

 Brenda Dery ( brendadery on SC )

 Brenda Biya ( anastasiesnaps on SC)

 Ko-c (ko-c1 on sc)
Mr Leo (mrleotheartist2 on SC )
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