“It’s Finally Good To Have Someone Managing Mr. Leo’s Facebook Account…”Mr Leo Joins the Struggle And Cries Peace

 Finally Mr. Leo,Cameroonian singer sees “enough” reasons to use his platform and as an artist to cry for peace and join his people in the “Struggle “. On Friday,1st of September Mr Leo urged his fans and followers to “Pray for Texas” ignoring the crisis in his country Cameroon.Fans were angry and insulted him,he finally feels the need to support his own people(follow up the story in the blog). Yesterday, 23rd of September he made a post on his Facebook page,read below.

“My Heart Bleeds with my People. No matter how much you convince yourself – that all will be fine, Sometimes you just can’t ignore the Cry of the people… We have seen it all especially in Buea & Bamenda (Home) and it is sad, very sad. We pray for peace & dialogue – and above all, urgent action, to address the cry of the people. We pray for the families that have lost their loved ones thus far in this struggle. I will stand with them through out these very tough times, and hope that their blood shall not go in vain.
R.I.P to all those who lost their lives in the protests of yesterday…
May their sacrifices not go in vain.
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