“I will Kiss Daphne, Marry Mel B and Slap Reniss” – Lefor Divine Reveals!

Gospel controversial rapper, Daddy D. revealed he will kiss Daphne, Marry Mel B and Slap Reniss when he was asked to choose who he will Kiss, Marry or Slap in a tweet.

Watch Redemption Video by Daddy D.

The Miss Gina Promotes’ team hosted Cameroonian artist, Daddy D. on twitter(237 Tweet Party) and he revealed why he started pursuing music as a career, future projects, his perception about the ongoing Anglophone crisis and his latest music video “Redemption“.

It was quite an amazing one as so many people turned up and participated with us.

Read some of the different questions asked and responds below…

The most intriguing question was:

“@MeetDaddyD if you were ask to Kiss, Marry or Slap either Daphne, Mel B Akwen Or Reniss, who will you Kiss, Marry or Slap ?”

He responded: “Hahaha. Let me see…
Kiss Daphne
Marry Mel B
And slap Reniss
Take note all for personal reasons. Has nothing to do with my love for their musics lol”

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