“I see our Cameroonian Celebrities writing up and down how THEY WANT PEACE first of there’s no peace for the wicked” – Merlin Caren

Cameroon’s fast rising video director, Merlin Caren has a message to all Cameroonian celebrities who are part of  the “We Need Peace” campaign. The director took to his Facebook account to pour out his displeasure in the way the celebrities are reacting to the Crisis in Cameroon.

He Wrote:


I am the KANYE WEST in this Cameroon Entertainment Industry i am extremely ruthless and careless about what people think or say about me ok now lets talk about the ongoing crisis and what I see our Cameroonian Celebrities writing up and down how THEY WANT PEACE first of there’s no peace for the wicked THE ONLY REASON WHY U ALL ARE BGGING FOR PEACE NOW IS BECUASE IT HAS TOUCHED YOUR TOES AND IT IS NOW DISTURBING YOUR BUSINESSES NOT BCOS U ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE HELL NO U DON’T CARE AT ALL.
When people were dying, crying, running up and down and some their homes being burnt to ashes in Bamenda, Kumba, Ekona and Mamfe none of u raised a peace campaign our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters were sleeping in the forest still none of u made a peace campaign or provided them with shelter but bcos now it has touched the center of showbiz in Cameroon 🇨🇲 (BUEA) and things are now very tough for us all now I see u running up and down begging for peace and asking for forgiveness I see u all running and going to Douala and some of u in Yaoundé u busy blaming the government and saying how they don’t treat everyone equal my question to u all is this. DO U TREAT UR COLLEAGUES IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY EQUAL ? DO U EVEN PICK UP UR PHONE WHEN AN UPCOMING ARTISTE CALLS ? DO U SHARE AN UPCOMING ARTISTE SONGS OR VIDEOS ? DO U GIVE OUT GIFTS TO YOUR FANS ? DO U EVEN PLAY WITH YOUR OLD FRIENDS ? Hell no u don’t, now u feel like u too big so u making new friends of higher calibers with luxury cars and nice homes so u can use in ur music videos “BEGGY BEGGY” u now date the slay queens and u have abandoned all the girls who were there for u when u had nothing and u think if they put u in the position of a president u will do any better ? This goes out to 98% of the Cameroonian Celebrities the remaining 2% are a God sent thank you from your favorite boy MERLIN CAREN #LuxuriousVisuals”

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