Fans Of Ewube Complain About Her New Genre Of Music. | MissGinaPromotes


Hello MGP Readers, we have another interesting article for y’all today.Just few days ago after releasing visuals of her latest single “On Mélange” (Click hereJenifer Ewube of the Omega records has been criticized by some fans of hers concerning her reggae flow on her recent songs.
In a Facebook comment, one of her fans had this to say;

I love Ewube her first single was her best all this reggae style does not bring out her good voice.

While others are die heart fans of the sexy diva and love all she brings forth, others say her new style of flow on reggae instrumentals doesn’t fit her and doesn’t bring out the amazing voice she has.

Indeed Ewube has got a unique and magnificent voice and it’s good to know it’s a part of her appreciated by all.But what are your own thoughts on this? Do u think reggae is a thing for Ewube? Or is dance hall her domain? Let us know on the comment section below…

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