Dready’s EP Titled “Black Power” Is Out Now

Black Power is Dready‘s debut solo EP. Which he actually did as a gesture of promo to acclaim his recognition. The track is laden with 6 tracks (5 main ones & a bonus cover track).
It’s displayed as;
Mi & Mi Cliq
– Black Power (also EP title)
– Too Long
– Nut Job
– Party Ridah
– Unforgettable (Freestyle, French Montana Cover)

There’s a 7th track that was pulled out of the EP prior to realese. It’s called #Nchêmêh-Nchêwoh. The video preparations are going on right now. As well as his 2nd & official EP #AKFA: A Kid From Africa,which he is currently working on,he shall be dropping it early 2018.For the meantime, the Black Power EP is currently available on SoundCloud, AudioMack & YouTube.Follow @DreadyChrist on all social media and stay updated on what he is up to.Enjoy Black Power below.


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