Cliq Empire And Team 237 Magazine Seek Your Support In The Realization Of A Chill And Talk On The Topic “NO TO NUDES”

 CLIQ EMPIRE in collaboration with TEAM 237 MAG seek the support in the realization of a CHILL and TALK, termed #NOTONUDESThis is geared towards sensitizing the youths most especially young girls on the impact of nude exchange via social media. The Talk is scheduled for Saturday June 17th at the Buea Council Hall as from 10:00am for media personalities.

#NOTONUDES is a concept that came to live following the ongoing rapid spread of nude videos and pictures on the internet. We aim at putting an end if not reducing the ill practice of exposing ladies’ nudity in videos/pictures when sent to “so called loved ones”.  This CHILL AND TALK will feature guest speakers and influencers who will throw more light on the cause, effects and remedies of this societal ill .The major disadvantage of this act committed especially by the sender is the stigma that comes with it.Together let’s educate one another.#NOTONUDES is everybody’s business, not just targeting the victims”
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