Cameroonian Rapper Tilla, Slams The Organizers Of Urban Jamz Awards.

Cameroonian female rapper Tilla, slams the organizers of Urban Jamz Awards, which was held on the 10th of March 2018,at Chariot hotel,Buea.She says it’s not authentic as they organizers claims it is.Here is what she said;

  “OK for those who say I’m only being jealous cus I wasn’t nominated please kindly tell me what those who were nominated got or even the winners. Go on, am waiting cus all they seem to have achieved including the organizers is the feeling of validation and wanting to “belong”. The Cameroonian system is mainly structured to form followers and not leaders so when they hear someone standing up for something even for a positive great course they automatically think it’s a bad thing or it’s due to negative factors. I have always been different. I have never blended in and I don’t intend to start now. I validate myself everyday no matter what cus I know I’m different and I don’t try to sound like anybody or try to do the easy obvious music. I could if I wanted to but I choose to sound the way I do. Even though things are really getting better for me, the “know it alls” say I’m frustrated. I wonder why. It’s sad cus most of them are men and I’m like why u hating on a woman like I don’t even have a dick like it’s not like now that The Dedes got me I’ll step up n take yo bitch or something. Or maybe they just mad cus a woman is doing things they wish they were doing… And I’m still getting started lol. They say my music is not in fashion but I say my music is THE FUTURE. Lemme go back to the studio for Tillarmy .The rest of y’all can kiss ma black ass“.
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