Cameroonian Photographer And CEO Of ’44 Company’ Maestro Shaba Tam,Tells Us More About His ‘Baby’ Company…

We had a quick chat with the founder and CEO of “44 CompanyMaestro Shaba Tam .So many know the name 44 Pictures but don’t know of the brand nor who is behind it.Maestro “44 Pictures” tells us more about his company and why its called “44”.

44 pictures is a sector under 44 company, which deals with audiovisual; music and video production, photography ranging from wedding photography, fashion and creative photography, documentary commercials, indoor and outdoor coverages. We are also into graphic and motion designing, likewise 3D and 4D animations.

How long has it been in existence?
It is a baby vision which is just about 6 months old, with a Facebook social coverage of over 2000 followers and we keep making waves by the day.

What is the vision of 44 pictures?
We are aimed at redefining photography by giving it a new feel, touch and splendour, and also rebrading audiovisual as a whole. We bring creativity, beauty and the awe to all we do.

Who have 44 pictures worked with so far?
We have so far had the privilege to work with a good number of great minds and institutions such as Beta-media Masterclass, Fame,KGD, Miss Tourism Cameroon,Mel B Akwen, Magasco, Mervielle, Miss Gina Promotes, Stephanie Tum, Joan Ngumba, Lynno Lovette, Malvis Ann,Adama Bazil and many others.

What has 44 pictures done so far?
We produced the 2017 “Fame TV Show”, the official coverage of the 2017 Masterclass makeup seminar at Chariot Hotel, shoot the soon to be released video “Na You” by Merveille an AFRIMA nominee for best female artist in Central Africa. Have shot two movies so far; “Wonderful People” by Solantine Ebge and CY International and “Church Hypocrisy” by All Star production house. We also partnered with Betamedia to produce the first edition of Betanight 2017.

Any upcoming projects?
We are currently working on 3 future films with three different production houses, and four music videos with some amazing artists to shoot between now and December 2017.

Below is the photo of Maestro Shaba Tam CEO of 44 Company,make sure to contact him for your photo,video or wedding shoot.

  Facebook: Maestro Shaba Tam/44Pictures
Instagram: 44 Pictures
YouTube: 44 pictures
Tel:237 651027261

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