Brief Summary Of Magasco’s Song ZAMBA

Magasco dishes out summary of his song “ZAMBA” In the chorus, the song starts by saying our father God (ZAMBA), have mercy on us. The verses are done in English and pidgin. At the end of the song, the brother J.G Belobo comes in and sing “representing ” God answering my prayers.Saying “I am God (ZAMBA) I am the peace you seek. I Give you the peace u seek. Why this song at this time? Because no matter how we have wronged him we are still his children and he still loves us.The video starts with the Anglophone/Northern Cameroon crisis.the main focus of my prayer point. The difficulty in giving birth in the Video,shows the coming of our unborn babies(the future). I acted the part of a humble confused anglophone father crying out on what will be my child’s future. There is also a Muslim at his Humble home in the northern region of Cameroon not happy with all what is going on,after watching the news,gets down on his knees and prays. At the end God talks to us ALL IRRESPECTIVE OF UR RELIGION CAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD. From Kom language BBOY IS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THOUSANDS OF LANGUAGES IN AFRICA AND THE WORLD. Watch the video below and share with us your thoughts on the comment section

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