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Multi-hyphenated entertainer, Solantine Egbe, popularly known as Soli Egbe, who has made a name for her self,through her works in the Entertainment Industry,from acting to cover Star on a Magazine and now brand ambassador to many products in Cameroon and Nigeria. The brand influencer and producer,whose recent movie titled “Shrill” was premiered in Buea has recently penned down an ambassador deal in Nigeria with a giant Cosmetic Company called “Shining Star Skin Herbal Cream”  and  was also opportune to work on two different movie sets… The amazing thing about it is,she is just warming up! Recently, rumors have been spreading that she had sexual affair with a married man, Nigeria’s pioneer actor Zack Orji during his trip to Cameroon for the Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF).

Soli Egbe
Soli Egbe

With major buzz rapidly spreading like wildfire, Miss Gina Promotes Blog was able to catch up with the  graduate. She was able to discuss with us her recent success, being a young actress,the sex scandal and how it feels overcoming the odds stacked against her.

Soli Egbe
Soli Egbe

Miss Gina Promotes: How did you get involved in acting ? 

Soli Egbe: I contacted a film maker, told him I have the talent and I’m very interested in acting, he got me involved.

Miss Gina Promotes: For how long have you been an actress ? 

Soli Egbe: I have been acting for 8 years now!

Miss Gina Promotes: What kind of role do you prefer best in movies ?

Soli Egbe: I’m a very dynamic person, I can perform well in any role.

Miss Gina Promotes: What has been your biggest challenge so far in your career?

Soli Egbe: Some people don’t take me serious in real life, they always think my life is all about acting, there is also a challenge of sabotage, some bloggers always trying to bring me down with fake stories, hatred and drama from some group of Colleagues, no sponsorship, poor marketing etc.

Miss Gina Promotes: Who will you say is your role model in acting ? 

Soli Egbe: Dorothy Diamond is my role model, she is a Cameroonian actress based in the UK, also Njungwa Susan .

Miss Gina Promotes: What can you say about the development in the Cameroon Movie Industry ?

Soli Egbe: *clears throats* The CFI is doing so well unlike 5 years ago. We have quality films and we are striving daily to produce the best movies and encourage healthy competition.The only negative vibe is that, so many people have cliqs and we are not 100% united.

Miss Gina Promotes: What other activities are you involved in aside acting or producing movies ? 

Soli Egbe: Besides acting, I have businesses. I’m a brand influencer, I market and sell skin beauty products and  hairs and wigs. I am also a commercial model and vixen.I also work with Orange Cameroon.I’m a go getter.

Miss Gina Promotes: What do you have to say about the rumors on social media about you having a sexual affair with a married man, the legendary Nigerian actor Zack Orji ? 

Soli Egbe: *smiles* That was a fake allegation. It was a fake news that was masterminded by some Colleagues and bloggers in other to sabotage my reputation and to smear my name, also some bloggers just needed traffic to their blogs, because they believe negative information catches people’s attention and so,had to cook up stories.

Miss Gina Promotes: What advice will you give any young one who looks up to you, and aspiring to be an actress some day ? 

Soli Egbe: To any one out there trying to be a successful actress, firstly, you have to be very prayerful, secondly, you don’t have to trust anyone but God.Thirdly,you need to believe in yourself  and please stay away from social media Drama and focused on your work. Make use of the people that are ahead of u, ask them for opening,always be ready to learn.In this life you need some people to hold your hands and take you to where you couldn’t go by your self. Give no ears to Nagative vibes and embrace positive vibes only!

Miss Gina Promotes: In every scandal or negative news there is always a positive outcome.Tell us one positive impact the sex scandal has brought to you ?

Soli Egbe: Yes! Your right. I’m the brand ambassador of the skin herbal spot removal product call Shining star.

This company was looking for a girl like me to be use as their ambassador they never new me until when the scandal breakout they saw my name all over social media so they decided to check me out, they searched for my name on Facebook and Instagram, got to my page scroll through my pictures and realised I’m just the perfect person they have been looking and there they got to contact me and invited me over to Nigeria and when I got to Nigeria I was opportune to work on 2 different movies sets.

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