Will Jovi’s Anglophone fans support his new song after his infamous backstabbing of them on Twitter?

When the name “Jovi” is mentioned, the next words that come in everyone’s mind is the “Mboko god”. Making himself the ringbearer in Mboko rap, the New Bell music boss is no doubt one of the most prolific rappers Kmer has ever know, with millions of fans worldwide.

After dropping his last single titled Depanner, the Mboko god has been on a low key working on the next project for his fans. In his last tweet, Jovi released the cover art of the project titled “Tropical vibes vol 1”.

Tropical Vibes
Tropical Vibes

The big question still remains: – With the much effort Jovi puts in his work will he have as many more fans as before his controversial political tirade on twitter?
Well, if you are lost then let’s take you back to some months ago when Jovi tweeted that there are no problems in the English speaking zones of Cameroon and that Anglophones should not only look at their issues but those going on in the north and eastern parts of the country (Click Here)!

Jovi received a host of bitter backlashes for this statement and many fans of his declared that he was no more known to them. He might still have his die hard fans and francophone fans to vibe to his songs and make them go viral. But do you think Jovi will be getting much attention from his Anglophone fans which he claims they have no problems?

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