Video Primiere: Liinx – Life No Be Joke

Mudhouse Entertainment front man Liinx is steady dropping hits back to back. After two successful singles Ashia and K-town, the Kumba born rapper is here with a 3rd single title “Life No Be Joke“. On the Edi LeDrea produced beats, Liinx keeps it real as always as he explains that we live in a society where you will face all sorts of obstacles if you are a preacher of peace, love, tolerance, motivation, equality etc.. You may even be hated, insulted, negatively branded and dragged in the dust for little or no reward. Liinx mirrors this sad reality in this catch-me-if-u-can-like short film. For as little as €10, the agents are relentless in their efforts to stop him for spreading positive vibes. However, the truth is powerful. No matter how hard negativity tries, at the end of the day, the truth will always prevail. Yet, you need to stand your grounds and work hard.. because… ”Life No Be Joke” (Life Isn’t A Joke)
Watch the video for your self below and share your thoughts
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