Top 5 Stanley Enow Music Videos With The Highest Views On YouTube

Here’s top 5 Stanley Enow songs with the highest views on YouTube.

Stanley Enow is the biggest and the well-known artiste in Cameroon and Africa at the moment.

He has been able to master his craft with persistence,consistency and collaboration.

Now he has become a star in the international scene with many musical collaborations with foreign artistes.

He has released several hit tracks, thrilling videos, won several awards.

Stanley Enow has never allowed the critics from some of his colleagues like; Jovi and entertainers about his type of songs get into his brain.

Stanley deserves some accolades.We will be taking a look at five Stanley Enow’s songs that have the highest views on YouTube.

Check out the List below:-

  1. Hein Père: Youtube views: 1.1 Million 

The Song Hein Père is Stanley Enow’s first viral and hit song. He released the song 5 years ago.

This gave Stanley Enow his first charting single as a lead artist.The video of this song is still getting more viewers.

The video was directed by Shamark Allharadji.Watch the video below:

  1. My Way: Youtube Views 792k

This song was released from Stanley’s soon to be released album. 

He featured Locko and Tzy Panchak in the song. Stanley was trying to convey a message about his struggle and hustle how he moved about looking for a way to pursue his dream.

The music video of the song was directed by Nkeng Stephens.

The video was shot in Douala and it has a simple concept.

The whole plot in the video is just to depict the lifestyle of so many hustlers.

This video was uploaded on YouTube on the 14th of September 2018.

Watch the video below:-

  1. Adore You: YouTube Views 610k

The song Adore You was a viral song when it came out.It was released on YouTube in June 30, 2017

Everything was blown away when Stanley collaborated with the Ghanaian /Nigerian singer, Mr. Eazi.

This song revealed the hidden and emotional side of “King Kong”

Adore You was produced by Sammy Gyand and the video was shot in NYC.

Watch the video below:-

  1. Bounce: YouTube Views 592k

This song is different from all other songs that Stanley Enow has done with Locko giving background vocals. Stanley Enow collaborated with South Africa’s AKA and Cameroon’s Locko.

The song is another banger for clubs and streets.

It was being released on YouTube on May 29, 2016.

It is a simple song that is very easy to learn when it is being played several times.

The song is the fourth Stanley Enow’s song with the highest views on YouTube.

Watch the video below:-

  1. Caramel: YouTube Views 575k 

The song Caramel is the fifth Stanley Enow’s video with the highest Views on YouTube. He featured one of Nigeria’s biggest artist, Davido with cameo appearance from Zimbabwean TV show host, Vimbai.

Caramel was released on YouTube October 27, 2017 and was shot in Johannesburg by director Justin Campos. 

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