MGP List: Top 10 Cameroonian Songs between Jan – August 2018.

Despite upheavals going on in every country, the music industry is that one sector which always keeps people entertained and comforted.

The Cameroon music industry is of no difference. 2018 has been an outstanding year in our music Industry from multiple song releases to outstanding international concerts and artists amassing their fan-bases globally. Of course without good music, all of these are practically impossible.

Today the Miss Gina Promotes team brings to you the top 10 Cameroonian songs released between the dates January 1st – August 2018. We will be looking at this count down based on the how much the music trended and the number of YouTube views. Let’s go!

1). Charlotte Dipanda ft Yemi Alade – Sista
Collaborating with one of the biggest Afro pop artist in Africa Yemi Alade, Charlotte Dipanda comes first on our list with this hot one titled Sista. The song is the highest viewed Cameroonian song of 2018 having 4.7M views on YouTube.

2). Daphne – My Lover
The second position on our list, we have Steven’s Music queen Daphne Njie toping with her amazing hit “My lover” which was released on April 26th 2018. With a whopping 4.5M views.

3). Dj Kenny Ft Mink’s  – Ca Vas Te Tuer
Surprising right?! But yeah, with Mink’s collaboration with the French Dj Kenny, this song hit 3M views on YouTube. The song has also enjoyed massive airplay on many music-streaming media. Mink’s certainly knows what his fans love to hear.

4). Blanche Bailly – Bon Bon
Coming in 4th place we have Kmer’s “Nicki Minaj”. Her latest single Bon Bon made waves, not only in Africa, but Europe and America. No doubt it occupies our fourth position with 2.3 views.

5). Shura – Allez Dire
In our 5th position, comes another artist from Stevens Music by name Shura with her hit song Allez Dire hitting 1.5M views on YouTube. Isn’t this amazing for a newcomer? I think so!

6). Mr. Leo – On Se Connait Pas
A list like this without Mr. Leo Na which kind list sef?
Well Mr. Leo came through with this amazing one which left his fans very satisfied as he brought forth a very inspiring visuals to his art. The song has over 1.1M views on YouTube and occupies our number 6th position.

7). Tenor – LVMH
with 890k views “am too swag” by Tenor comes in 7th position. The song which went viral due the fact that the French artist sang in English was certainly a hit.

8). Numerica – Valide
Kmer’s slay king Numerica comes 8th in our list with his latest single Valide which has 287k views on YouTube. If you doubt the slay king part, kindly follow him on Instagram and see for yourself.

9). Stanley Enow – Casanova
With the way he dances to this tune every time he shows his face online, one would have expected it to come first but here we are, hitting 255k views, the Bayangi boy comes 8th.

10). Mimie – Je m’en fous
Of course being pregnant for a baby papa she keeps a secret from her fans, Mimie had to tell the world that she doesn’t care about what ever people will like to say. Fortunately for her, this song attracted a huge crowd of the population, gaining her a total of 200k YouTube views.

Thanks for going through our list and we hope you are satisfied with it. All the same, comment any song you think was supposed to be on the list and why you think so.

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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