Tilla Raps Has A Message To All NW and SW Artists…But Salutes Mic Monsta And Neglect Buri For Staying True To Their Culture…

Cameroon’s very own female rapper Tilla has a message for all North and South West Artists read below.
“My fellow 237 Artists from the NW & SW this message is for you. I know we have to sell to the French population,but capitalizing solely on it and forgetting our own identity and roots will only get us as much as lil bread crumbs when in fact we could own multiple bakeries and that’s the damn truth! The world is very large and there are millions of people out there who will relate to you no matter what language you speak so there is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of! You may be hot now and things may be popping for u but in a few years to come you will be forgotten and labeled as sell outs(which in most cases may lead to anxiety & depression & even early death). Thus the generation after us will have no course to continue and nothing to hold on to,hell they might even deny our very own existence! Your identity and freedom is your greatest strength especially as an artist. Once you loose it,you become more like a manipulated puppet/imprisoned slave than the free MADE artist we all want to be.You must have a course and you must be free! I know it is not easy to make it out of a country like ours but choosing the easy way is not always the right way & may not be smart after all. The sad truth is they pretend publicly that they doing this for the love and the people which is mostly lies. While carrying out some personal research during the passed 2years, I came across quite a number of artists and they were nothing like what they preach; Mostly intimidated,paranoid,greedy,short sighted and self centered! (…Mic Monsta & Neglect Buri were very exceptional that I must mention…) #café!  I will always put my culture first no matter what cus I am proud of who I am,I know who I am & I know where I am going to. We all should! If you know this,nobody can intimidate u or forcefully influence your art. We have been anointed with special gifts that together we can change this country in no time like magic and successfully live the standard of life we really want to live but we are unconsciously holding ourselves back with “Ova Sabi”! This is deeper than what it seems brethren!! Think twice!! #Salute #Peace #Onelove #Legendary #Legacy”
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