Star Profile: Nchifor Valery – Actor

We keep sharing more light on the Cameroon Movie industry by introducing you to some hard working  237 Actors and Actress that are getting our attention and today on star profile, meet Nchifor Valery.

Valery was born on the 22nd of October, had his advanced levels at GBHS BAMENDA, graduated with a B.Ed in education from the university of Buea.
The first film he featured on was “LEATHER  GANGSTERS” back in 2006, a movie produced and directed by Eta Tabot Rene. After this movie Valery was encouraged to pursue his acting career as he kept getting  applauds and praises  for playing the Sub lead in the movie.
He won  the ZAFAA Global Awards that was held in London were he received the Award for Best upcoming actor with the Movie OBESSION were he was nominated alongside other actors form Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.
A year later Valery traveled to Burkina Faso to represent the same Achille Brice directed film (OBESSION)  at FESPACO along side the minister of arts and culture.

He has featured  in about 40 movies, including short Films and series. And he is one of  the lead actors in the popular TV Series RUMBLE currently airing on CRTV. 
The seems to be no slowing down for Valery as he is on his way to become one of Cameroon’s finest actors. 
He just finish filming 2 movies
Barefoot on Broken Bottles” By Ivan Namme

And “The Soldiers Wife

which he played the lead role alongside Syndy Emade.

Both films are set to be released soon. The name Nchifor Valery is not a name that can be ignored when talking about the Cameroon movie industry.
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