Star Profile: Mbango Adambi – Actress/ Director

Mbango Adambi is an American based Cameroonian filmmaker. She doubles as an actress and a producer , haven acted in films like the highly acclaimed “Ninah’s Dowry” and produced her very first production
 “Ndolo and the Senator“, directed by Gordon Che, in which she played the lead Ndolo, alongside multi award winning filmmaker and the Founder of “The African Film Festival” Kelechi Eke or BigObi Presents as he’s known on Facebook. Some other great cast of “Ndolo and the Senator” include Ghanaian actor Frank Artus, Sunnyfield Okezie, Jasmin Roland, Edith Pikwa, Carl Payne, Eko Lionel, Praxi Wara, to name a few.

With the glaring numbers on social media and the turn out from the Houston premiere of the
film, it is safe to say that “Ndolo and the
Senator” is undoubtedly the most popular Cameroonian movie of recent times. The film is a story that helps fight the stoic and conservative  mindset of our African/Cameroonian leaders, aiming at planting conscious women in the lives of our leaders to help make a change.

“Ndolo and the Senator” just scored a best director award (kudos to the director Gordon Che)  at the just ended NEGA AWARDS which took place in Silver Spring Maryland and has 4 nominations at the Diaspora Entertainment Awards coming up in the Fall of this year. The film is slated to be premiered in Cameroon come January of 2017.

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