Star News : PIM Boys Splits Up And Also Ends Contract With BTS Empire

Months ago the Camer Music Scene witness the introduction of an all boys Rap band the PIM (Preach It Movement) Boys. made up of 6 guys, Pee, Dready Christ, Ko- C,  Bengis, Bauxi and Tread Stone.

 They made an amazing entrance with the hit single “ici au Kamer ” which was accompanied by an amazing Nkeng Stephens visuals that payed tribute to the Cameroon soldiers fighting in the North.   This video had everyone talking about the the PIM Boys

Watch ici au Kamer video:  ‎

While some music fans just watched and Enjoyed a good music video, Other music minds in the 237 industry kept asking if the Band signed to BTS Empire will survive. They wonder if the BTS Empire CEO Velo Valery was  brave enough to stand the challanges that 
comes with signing a  6 boys band or was he just excited on a first project?  (only time had to tell).
Few months later. PIM Boys made its first ever public appearance in Douala and the Guinness  Blacklist Concert and only 3 of them were represented on Stage. Dready Christ, Ko-c and Tread Stone and this were the stand out talents in the group
Dready Christ : The Band leader who is a unique Reggae Singer / Rapper 
Ko-c : The self acclaimed Cameroon fastest Rapper and 
Tread stone ; an amazing Rapper with outstanding  lyrical strength. 
Tho it was no call for alarm why only 3 out of the 6 PIM Boys were on Stage but it was clear The Guinness Team felt like 6 was a crowed.  
On the 20th of may which was Cameroon’s National day the PIM Boys were  called by the ministry of culture to make 
 an appearance in Buea along side Artist like MR Leo and they put up an amazing performance and it was refreshing to see the full band in display.

PIM Boys with Mr Leo:

Last week BTS Empire released  a video online of Ko- c performing Panda Cover, while everyone was wowed no one bother to ask why he was alone. 

Ko- C : Panda Cover 

3 days after, the PIM Boys team leader Dready Christ, Shared  a cover art for a new song by the PIM Boys and the cover art had just 4 PIM Boys on it. And the was no mention of BTS Empire.  
An insider tells us that the Label has put an end to its contract with the PIM Boys and decided to sign just Ko- C. So just Ko- C is signed to BTS Empire at the moment. Nothing is been  mentioned about Tread Stone but he is neither in PIM Boys or  BTS. The PIM Boys team leader Dready Christ took it upon him to ride on with his 4 man crew and continue the music journey. Which integrates  them being inside a Bus on the cover art of their next single title Nahkwalanjéh
I got the chance to listen to the new PIM Boys jam and I must say it’s a better hit than their first and like it’s said every dissapoiment is a blessing. PIM Boys might just have been shaped for the best. Anticipate the new Pim boys Nahkwalanjéh  Produced by Dijay Karl. 


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