Star Focus: Top 25 Mic Monsta Punchlines

As it is said A Rapper is a poet with a Beat’.
And to be a good poet you must have great writing skills meaning you must make use of literature devices like Rhymes, Metaphor, Synonyms, wordplay etc.. when writing a Good Rap Verse Or better still just tell an interesting Story with simple Rhymes.
Each time a rapper uses one of this literature device in one of the lines in his rap verse, it is termed a punchline while Wordplay is a cleaver use of words to get double meaning in one sentence. meaning you have to be intelligent to be a good rapper contrary to what people think.
one of the Languages leading Cameroon Hip Hop is Pidgin English (Mboko) and it can be very interesting if you know how to listen and even more interesting when you are listening to a dope Rapper like Mic Monsta.
Mic Monsta has proved himself to be one of the country’s finest lyricist based on his colorful writing skills as all his verses are filled with numerous wordplay and punchlines and most importantly he has been very consistent at it.
Today we take our time to bring you his top 25 punchlines so you can see for your self why he is called
the Microphone Njorku. 

1)  Ma Haters dey Like Tree all them don di Leaf.(Leave)
2)  Even if i catch T.B Just change my name to Joshua. (T.B Joshua)
3) All the time i talk Sense like Brain dey for ma Mop
4) Haters should let me B (Be) like the letter before C

5) Ma Flow don di sweet pass even Ice Cream i di Respect ma self sometimes even I Scream
6) I’m on the Right Track so i Made the Right track, i was gone for a while cuz i be I Write Tracks
7) I’m coming as the King i need a Palm Sunday. (Palm sunday was the day Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem as King.)
8)  I’ve gat so much Class, man go surly open School.
9) I no fit Carry Last, cause the tin over heavy
10) I no hold Pencil but i still draw Attention.
11) I fit only F**k-Up if ma girl dey on-top
12) I no wear Mayo (Jersey) Nga dem still call me Player.
13) I was never that kid that they Mention now i get Power i fit Beat Expectation
14) They look Good From Afar, but they Far from Good.
15) Too much water no fit kill Fish

16) We di Catch fun way we no Set Trap
17) I just Chop inside my Head call that Food for Thoughts
18) I di come na in Pair, Fire and Smoke

19) Me I get ma Backup (Back Up) u can call it Hunchback
20) Man na Free Man now i a’int talking Morgan (Morgan FreeMan) i deserve a cool night with Cynthia Morgan.
21) I don Bob that Nga sotay ma Name for be na Marley (Bob Marley)
22) I just keep my Head up like say i get na Nose Bleedig
23) You no get enough Credit (Air Time) no ever try to call Attention
24) I no be Burning Firewood I no fit go Back-Back
25) 11 February I no di Match cuz after Febuary You get na March

Most of the lines are gotten from his songs below

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