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Skidi Boy and Tilla
Skidi Boy and Tilla

When we talk about the names Skidi Booy and Tilla, everyone remembers nothing for sure but the beef which was lit up between them by Skidi Booy who took out time on his Facebook page to recall how Tilla called his song “wack” some years ago, although we aren’t 100% sure about that because Tilla denied it.

Tilla in person didn’t let sleeping dogs lie as she decided to clap back at Skidi Booy to the extent of recording a live video, in the video she warned Skidi Booy and every other artist who interns on posing any threat to her in the future.

Nevertheless, it was to the amusement of many as Skidi Booy wrote an apology on his Facebook page today to Tilla saying she’s such a great artist and has contributed a lot to the Cameroon music industry. He went further to say that they should forget everything and put the industry to another level and he urged his supporters to keep supporting the god mother.
Now could this be an act of sincerity or did Tilla’s warnings pose a real threat to Skidi’s art.

Read the screen grab below…

However, this act by Skidi Booy Is highly appreciated by his fans as they praised him for being noble and humble enough to make an apology in public which is something we don’t see often in our music industry.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait on Tilla’s reply on this. We will like you to share your thoughts with us about this in the comment section below!

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