Photos: Blanche Bailly Finally Rewards the Winner (Alvin from Yaoundé), who won the “Dinguo Dance Challenge” which she Launched Last Year.

Cameroonian singer Blanche Bailly launched a dance challenge for her hit song “Dinguo” in the month of October 2017 which eneded in November 2017 and promised to give 100 thousand CFA Francs to the contestant who will win the dance contest.

So many fans and dancers participated and they were expecting the singer to announce the winner.Some impatient fans took to Facebook to express their grievances.Some called Blanche a liar and fraudster who only triggered the dance challenge to promote her song and didn’t value the dancers who took part in the contest.See screen grab below!

On the 6th of January 2018, Blanche finally announced the winner of the Dinguo Challenge,a girl from Yaounde who goes by the name Alvin.She personally visited her and offered the sum of 100 thousand,in the presence of her Mother.See photos below..

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