News : School drop-out; Stanis, ready to become Cameroon’s rap king as he signs record deal with Calabash Music Group.

Cameroon’s new international music label, Calabash Music, has announced the signing of its first hip hop artist, Stanis
Born Chi Tata Stanislas in Bamenda, in 1988, Stanis ‘Le Dragon‘ is a Buea-based guitarist, 
rapper and singer from a family of five. Stanis’ music can be described as Afro-trap.
He attended primary and secondary school in Yaounde and Douala , which has enabled him to express himself and sing perfectly in English and French. But he was forced to drop out of University of Yaoundé 2 (Soa) because of financial difficulties.
Having nothing to turn to, he poured his 
emotions into music, and started recording demos in Buea. One of his songs fell in the hands of Cornel, a South African based Cameroonian music producer signed to Calabash Music. The A&R committee at 
Calabash auditioned his music and were impressed by his versatility, singing and rapping ability, inimitable rhythms and hard punch lines. After a couple of meetings at Calabash Music offices in Akwa Douala, a deal was reached with Calabash Music’s A&R, Wax DeyStanis joins Calabash Music raring to take over the Cameroonian hip hop scene.
 “Calabash Music is really excited to have such a talented rapper on board – we shall move swiftly to release material we are working on because Cameroon is hungry for new talent that can be sold to the world.”, says Clarisse Ndinge, Calabash Music publicist.
“I write my music with the help of a guitar, but my rap music is very commercial-oriented. I make music for the masses and I’m ready to take over. My team is fire. Cameroonian hip hop will not be the same after Stanis – so watch this space”, says Stanis.

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