News: Prince Enobi And Rythemz Part Ways

Prince Enobi has been the Manager of the Rythemz Dual made of  Kezzy and Dianne for more than 3yrs now and together they shared a very strong bond as they all go way back. To guess that the can ever be a separation between them was impossible but this is life and anything can happen.
A close friend of theirs told us they have been having problems for a while now that ever since Prince Enobi created the new TV Channel in Buea CM2,
 the Rythemz guys started sensing a conflict of interest in how he was managing them and running his new business and so they dint like it, they even went as far as telling him the don’t need him anymore.
The final breakup happened during the video shoot of Rythemz new single “Madame Tout Le Monde” ft Mr Leo ( Download Audio Here ). Problems kept coming up on set as the guys could hardly tolerate each other and the next day after the shoot they held a meeting and parted ways.

Prince Enobi


we wish they can sort out their differences because we all saw how Prince Enobi was putting in hard work and  managing Rythemz with so much passion. 

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