New Record Label “One Of A Kind Entertainment” to Magnify Cameroon Entertainment Industry 

The doors of a New Record Label called “One of a Kind Entertainment” is officially open in the South West Regional capital of Cameroon and functional.

One of a kind Entertainment (#1OAK) which was recently inaugurated is out to change the entertainment industry by bringing to the spotlight young talented artists who find it difficult to produce their music and at the same time break the monopoly power over other record labels in this part of the country. One of a kind entertainment, will add to the few recording studios in Buea , like Alpha Beta Records, which has produced one of the finest artistes in Cameroon like Mr.Leo, Daphne Njie and Blanche Bailly.

When we asked what are their future projects? They said: “We are looking for ways to support the entertainment industry in Cameroon by organising yearly musical festival and awards, getting a well equipped audiovisual facility for production, provide training to talented and passionate artists to improve and maintain the standards of the country’s music and change the way the world will view Cameroon entertainment industry.”

If all these is put in the place the Cameroon Entertainment Industry will contribute enormously to the country’s economy.The newly created Record Label has also signed their first artist “Dina”.


We are looking forward to more music and projects from the 1OAK Ent.

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