New MutzigSTAR 2017 Competition: Why Should A Good Talent Register For MutzigSTAR 2017 ?

MutzigSTAR 2017,it’s a musical competition existing since 27 years organized by the SABC Brand Mutzig.Many artists have been part of this competition like, Belka Tobis,Longue Longue,Charlotte Dipanda,Prince Afo Akom,Dynastie le Tigre,Salatiel,Big Benji Mateke,Dany Muma,Stypak Samo,Zinnia,Martino Ngalle,One Face,Aaron B,Kimmanuel and many others.
The MutzigSTAR 2017,its the 27th edition which mar by deep changes of the competition:
-Registration is no more forbidden for artists who have already produced a sound or have a video on YouTube.
-The competition is under the supervision of a GodFather, this year MANU DIBANGO
-The competition is supported by 3 Ambassadors who are Salatiel,Daphne and Dynastie le Tigre

-The new format of the competition is supported by a massive TV broadcasting on 4 TV stations,which are; CRTV,Canal2International,Equinoxe TV and Trace TV.
-Public voting count less in the new format,for example at the pre-selections phase only 10 on 100 of the candidates are selected through the internet voting.
-Candidates are evaluated on 2 main criteria:
Voice/Flow(For Rappers) : 10 points.
Stage performance : 10 points.
-All 5 Finalists will be part of a national tour with ambassadors:MutzigSTAR Mboa Tour.
-The competition is no more limited to singers.It’s now opened to musician with the special prize Manu Dibango.
Every talented artists should register for this competition because the new Mutzig Format offers to candidate a massive media exposition,the finalists will have a good stage experience through the MutzigStar Mboa Tour with giant live show with ambassadors as guest stars in 5 cities of Cameroon.Also,all 5 finalists will have a stage and studio experience,all  the 5 finalists will win prizes and live an existing experience with lots of advises from the GodFather,Ambassadors and Coaches.Registration ends on Friday 8th September 2017 on OR WhatsApp 652 49 49 49.
Pre-selection will be made by a panel of 50 people of various profiles; Artists,Producers,Beat makers,cultural journalists,Bloggers,Artists Managers

Keep visiting this site for more updates about New MutzigSTAR 2017 Competition as we will be sharing with everyone the prizes that will be won and other benefits.

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