New Movie Alert: “Beore You Say Yes I Do” Produced by Frank Sire

Before You Say Yes I Do,is a movie written and produced by Frank Sire. Frank Sire is a Cameroonian actor, producer, director and an entrepreneur, who puts in so much work in all his projects

The Movie titled “Before You Say Yes I Do” Starring Pridine Fru, Nchifor Valery,Frank Sire, Otia Vitalis, Malvis Ann,Syndy Emade and Gloria Mokake. Briefly,the movie talks about a young man getting married to his arrogant longtime fiance, but still has affection for his high school ex girlfriend, who happens to be the maid of honor.Though he denials that fact,Is he going to follow through with the wedding or is he going back to his ex? A question that can only be answered by watching the movie.Watch trailer of the movie “Before You Say Yes I Do” and share with us your thoughts.

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