Mr. Leo’s First babymama Mary Asaba reveals how Askia started taking drugs since 2007

Mr. Leo’s Baby Mama, Mary Asaba, has revealed how Askia started consuming drugs since 2007.

Mary Asaba who is Mr. Leo’s long time girlfriend has taken to Facebook to open a can of worms about Askia,former Alpha Better artist.Tells her she needs to go rehab.

Here’s what she wrote:

“I knew askia way back around 2007 track zone records is where she used to spit the bars .Then she was already into marijuana n cigarettes she just kept adding her list of drugs even before she joined the alpha beta team.

The team knowing all these still accepted her into the family hoping she would change but she grew worse .Am not saying this cuz of any relationship with the alpha beta team am saying this cuz she needs to take responsibility for her actions and stop putting the blame on people.U still need to go rehab cuz with this attitude right here even the new deal U claim u just signed risks coming to an end sooner or later !just a matter of time !!!!!Rubbish make people stop for believe this ya rubbish self pity story masa !if u feel I shouldn’t have made this post go for comment section a Di wait u for deh !!!!!!!!”

MGP Readers, what are your thoughts about this?

Mary Asaba's Post
Mary Asaba’s Post


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