Movie: Mayorchu Atem-Ebai,Libota McDonald,Solange Ojong,Syndy Emade,and Nchifor Valery Star In the movie “Little Cindy”.

Written,produced,directed by Billy Bob Ndive Lifongo and edited by Agbor Obed
The Cameroonian movie “Little Cindy” stars Libota McDonald,Solange Ojong, Mayorchu AtemEbai,Syndy Emade, Nchifor Valery, Nkwah Kingsley,Lynno Lovert and Stephanie Tum.

The movie ‘Little Cindy’, tells the story of a 7 year old talented singer and heir apparent to the “Alom’s Empire” gets missing in their home at the party thrown on her behalf by her parents Mark and Carine Alom a peace and loving couple. Panic grips everyone as the search for Cindy…

The premiere of the movie is on the 11th of May,2018 at Chariot Hotel,Buea.Keep visiting us for more updates.

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