Movie: Alenne Menget, Lami Lum-Manfor, Nsang Dilong, Atem-Ebai and Frank Sire Star In The Movie “A Good Time To Divorce

 The movie “A Good Time To Divorce“, is a story about a retired Chief  Warrant Officer who refuses to accept divorce from his wife.Chief Warrant Officer Nchifor Thomas,after investing not only all the love he has to offer but everything he has earned in his life,is challenged to face the rest of his life alone.This movie reminds us of the marital battles some African families go through.It is a Cameroonian film starring Alenne Menget,Lami Lum-Manfor,Ivan Namme,Mayohchu Atem-Ebai,Frank Sire,Gobina Franklin and Nsang Dilong.It premieres on the 24th of March at Oklahoma,on the 6th of April at Dallas and 13th April at Maryland.

 This blockbuster movie will have you glued to your television screens.A Good Time To Divorce was Written and Directed by Nkanya Nkwai.

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