MGP Vibes: Mel B Akwen’s Manager,K- Nine VS Blanche Bailly,Zinnia and 237 Female Artists…

The Cameroon entertainment industry is getting interesting as days go by.Some days back,Cameroonian sensation Blanche Bailly,posted on her Facebook account,calling Mel B out,for using her video concept without giving her credits and also for imitating her “bathtub” scene in “Dinguo” video which went viral.This got Mel B furious,irritated and she had to Clap back.Today Mel B Akwen‘s manager K-nine took to his Facebook account, to address some issues revolving between Mel B and other female artists in the industry,he was provoked by 237 singer Zinnia,who on her Live Video on Facebook,she expressed and gave her opinions on why “Cameroon Music Industry” is not growing and “pioneer” artists like Mel B Akwen,are not doing anything about it.She also said it can’t be called a “Baby” industry because it exited even before Nigeria Music Industry.

Here is what K-nine had to say to all Female Cameroonian artistes and to Zinnia especially.

K-nine blast Zinnia and said her career is dying…he also went further to list some requirements you must have before getting a response from Mel B. Akwen,as seen on the screen shots above.

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