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This is a business enterprise founded by a 20  year old girl called Angomeuh Joy-Stephny Awungnjia, known as  Stephn’y Pearls. It all started in June 2015 and she went professional in November 2015, which is approximately 2years. Stephn’y Pearls, declared youngest Cameroonian Makeup Artist Is doing it big as she has worked with the likes of Cameroon Musicians like Stanley Enow, Franco, Mr Leo, Askia, Ewube, Montess but to mention a few. She works with Award Winning Video Director Mysta Adrenaline.
“Glamour Makeovers” comprises of Makeovers, Hair braids, Nails and Designing.

“Hi everyone, I’m Stephn’y Pearlsand to all my beautiful Ladies who are just beginning, here are 10 essential things you will need for makeup ;
1) BRUSHES: It must not be a professional set you just need the basic ones.
2) MOISTURIZER: you need this especially for people with oily faces you want a smooth makeup Always moisturize your face
3) PRIMMER: My loves, get yourself a primmer as a general makeup base to hold your makeup in and make it flawless.
4) BROWN PENCIL/ BROW GEL : To carve out the lovely shape of your brows
5) CONCEALER : You want to define your brows, girl get a concealer a shade slightly above your skin tone also use this for your highlight process.
6) EYE SHADOWS & EYELINERS: Here’s to work out that beautiful shape of your eyes, make your eyes pop out with eye shadows and eyeliners
7) EYELASHES: Eye lashes are voluntary not everyone will like to have lashes on but for the beauty of your makeup, it’s a friendly advice to wear lashes
8)FOUNDATION: After you have worked out your eye brows, eye shadows, you need your shade of foundation ,one advice is you don’t need to apply excessive foundation, add little by little,keep building it in till it’s flawless and it matches your skin tone as well
9) POWDERS: Baking powders, compact powders, translucent powders, contour powders (explanation of this will be in the next edition)
10) LIPSTICKS: could be in pencil form, could be matte, could be lip-gloss, it’s all your choice.

So loves, hope you enjoyed what I had for you guys” 
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