Magasco Shows Off His $2,000 Worth Sneakers | MissGinaPromotes


Bamenda boy Magasco is certainly one of Kamers celebrities who don’t joke with their unique taste of fashion and outfit. Magasco on his Instagram page shared a video of himself in the streets showing off his Nike sneakers where he said, “Two thousand dollars kinda sneakers going on right there nigger”
Now $2000 is about 1,123,080.00 FCFA which is a lot of money for a Cameroonian celebrity to afford a pair of sneakers right?
And wait a minute, the only Nike sneakers worth $2000 is the Nike Lebron sneaker which cost $2000 or more.

So did Magasco actually get his sneakers for $2000? or was it a slip of tongue. Who knows maybe he wanted to say $200
Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us.

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