Maahlox Makes History as the First Kamer Artist To Fill Up The Paposy In 2018

June 26th 2018 will certainly go down in the history of Cameroon showbiz as not just the day in which the biggest hip-hop concert was first held by Cameroonians but also as the day in which a Kamer artist filled up the sports complex for the first time.

After the Congolese singer Fally Ipupa came to Cameroon some months ago and filled up the paposy, the Zone2rap boss Maahlox Le Vibeur took it up as a challenge to write his own history as being the first Kamer artist to fill up the paposy in 2018. It was certainly an amazing and progressive event which was perfectly organized even without the presence of any sponsor. Maahlox was appreciated by many as he decided to give an opportunity for young rising Cameroonian talents to take part in this concert and besides the thousands of fans who attended the event, a handful of Cameroonian music stars were present like Krotal, Koppo, Pit Bacardi, Magasco, Salatiel, Daphne, Mr. Leo, Tenor and Mel B who all had an active part in the concert. Other personalities who were present included some team members of the indomitable lions like A Song, Kameni and Tekeu.

The aim of this initiative by Maahlox was to prove a point to event organizers, artist and the ministry of culture at large that Cameroonians don’t need a foreign artist to headline shows before Cameroonians can be seen performing in filled up venues. The event was totally amazing and was appreciated by everyone who attended as they all got Entertained. It should be noted that later this year, Tenor plans to take up the same challenge by filling up the Paposy as well. This by all indication seems to be a positive turn out of event in our music industry.

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