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Hello MGP Readers, we stumble on this lengthy, educating and interesting post “SLAYING IS A CAREER”  by Brand architect & content producer, Simo Jandie, on Facebook and as always we will love to share his wisdom with y’all. Read till the end.

Nathalie Nkoa
Slay Queen

“What is the social currency or value of a ‘slayer’? (Slay queens and kings?)
A category of human beings, whom, quite often, are attributed with no specific talent or achievement to back their insane popularity on social media, we, the self righteous ‘socitizens’ (social media citizens) jealously look down on them. Most of us secretly wish we had that level of relevance online, because according to us, we are the smart ones. The talented ones, the real ones. We are the ones who are supposed to get all the attention and love. So, what happens? We sit on our little clusters, feeling entitled, talking about these “brainless show offs”. We hardly even realize the topic of our discussion, is about some humans we have labeled brainless. This is where it gets interesting…
While as a matter of popular opinion, majority of these socialites we’ve dubbed ‘slayers’ have no recognizable talent, our ignorance to the fact has led us into an attitude of blind condescension towards these popular creatures, unlike us. We are blind to the fact that they have a skill and natural trait, 90% of the world does not possess: the savoir faire of Popularity. Slayers are natural charmers. They have a rare gift of being popular. It’s instinctive in them. For some reason, they just know how to draw attention upon themselves, most often by their keen and forward sense of style. Another rare gift most of us think we have, but do not.
What makes this whole situation a little sad is, these rare breeds, slayers, are not even aware of the talent they possess. IF you asked them what skill they had, they’d tell you something that may break your heart. Most of them are socially intimidated into labeling themselves models, or future actress. actor… Or something. This sort of gives validation to the opinions held by the self acclaimed superior humans aware of their skill and talent. However, that’s far away from my point, which is, to be a slayer no be biskit.

In our digital ecosystem, Slay kings and queens are what we refer to as ‘influences’. In the real world, before the social media take over, these category of humans were simply known as ‘socialites’. The the professional milieu, people with these skills and tendencies, but lacking in the required level of madness and je ‘m’enfouism’ are quite suitable for jobs in promotion agencies or marketing agencies as PR agents, promotion managers, and tabloid writers. Those people who know how to cause a raucous where ever they find themselves.

Slay King,Bobrisky

So, you see, there is a lot that comes with finding your self within the ranks of the slayers. In every family, there is always that one child with slayer tendencies. Do you think life is stupid enough to birth some people just like that, for no real purpose? Life is meant to be interesting. And these people right there, make life interesting. They were born for it, and in this day where 70% of ‘socitizens’ spend averagely 60% of their time online, Slayers are in high demand by brands.
If only our slayers could pivot their rare skill of being popular into social currency, their status will have a little upgrade; from slay queen to ‘influencer’. For example, one of these slay queens will be on the red carpet, and when asked to introduce her self, she’d be like ‘hi guys… I’m Pa ta ti Pa ta ta, I’m an influencer… Pause. Doesn’t that sound good to you?
That can only happen if you channeled your energy in the right direction.
There are many ways in doing this, besides just posting pretty pictures of your face and ass. Yes, some times, it is just about that. But for the lucky ones who possess theatrical tendencies or the gift of speech, they can get into content creation, talking just about any thing they wish. After all, they are already popular. And guess what, you followers expect very little from you. They just love you being you. Don’t over do anything. Just be you.
While influencer marketing is uncharted territory in Cameroon, Nigerians have been riding on that wave a long time ago. You can see quite a huge number of corporations inserting sublime ads in some of these comic videos we watch online. It is becoming a thing in Nigeria. So, while companies over here are taking all the time they have to jump train, now is the time for our slayer brothers and sisters to position themselves for these corporations. So that when they finally wake up from slumber, you will be ready.
While waiting on these corporations to tap into your network, another thing you should think of is starting a product line that your followers will relate to. Mind you, they will not buy into it because you are the brand. The advantage you bring is you have an audience that listens to you. You have an advantage in that you can effectively promote your brand to a ready audience that trusts you. But, don’t make it about you, unless you are a Kardashian.

Coco Emilia
Slay Queen, Coco Emilia

If you do not have the balls to do that, there are many local brands you can affiliate your self to. Awesimo Apparel has an ongoing an Affiliate program for slay kings and queens, giving them an opportunity to be their own fashion designers. That is an opportunity to exploit.
The best way to understand how this works is to align your self with a brand management or PR agency, whose job is to convert your image and likeness into social currency.

My dear slay queens and slay kings, keep slaying, and let no one make you feel less of your self just because you are a slayer. My candid advice to you is, whilst you keep slaying, please let it put money on your table.

Meanwhile, you can start taking notes from Nathalie Koah, or shemale Bobrisky. I don’t think anybody does the influencer out reach and monetization better than them. (keeping their private lifes and activities aside).
There are many possibilities. If you need advice, feel free to talk to me inbox.
Thank you.” – Simo Jandie.

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