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Makeup by Abah Innocent
Makeup by Abah

Makeup by Abah Innocent
Makeup by Abah Innocent

Nigerian talented male make up artist Abah Innocent who has made a fortune and a clean name in the world of beauty enhancing is our guest on today’s special edition of the “Miss Gina Promotes Exclusive Interview.” He talks about his career as a make up artist in general, Let’s get to it below.

Miss Gina Promotes: what are some common beauty mistakes women do?

Abah Innocent : No matter how much you love beauty products, nobody’s perfect. One day we all fall victim of such common mistakes, let me list few…

Some Of The Common Beauty Mistakes Women Do Are:

1. Drinking Too Little Water Throughout The Day: Most of our ladies that wear make up feels when ever they are made up they don’t need to drink water to avoid sweating.
If you’re dehydrated, it doesn’t matter how much moisturizer you slather on your skin; it will be dehydrated too. That’s why it’s essential for not only your health but also your skin’s appearance to DRINK ENOUGH WATER. Don’t be scared to drink water when you are made up.

2) Applying Eyeshadow Without A Primer:
If your eye shadow is constantly smudging, creasing, and blending in ways you don’t want it to, then the answer is simple: You need to be using an eyeshadow primer underneath.  eye shadow primer prevents eye shadow from fading or creasing all day long, in a lightweight and waterproof formula. Your eye shadow isn’t going anywhere trust me.

3) Wearing Lipstick Frequently Without Exfoliating.
Putting lipstick on when your lips are already cracked and flaky is a big no-no; not only will the lipstick wear off much faster, but also the product will essentially highlight all of the lip damage.
Applying Makeup Without Good Lighting..
If you’re applying your makeup in a dark room, in a blurry mirror, or literally while using your Macbook’s Photo Booth app, then it’s time to step up your game. Get yourself a better light or go out to a brighter place and apply your makeup so you can get a better idea of how your makeup will look throughout the day and not just in your bedroom.

Miss Gina Promotes: What do you love most about make up?

Abah Innocent: I love the effect makeup can have on a person’s overall style and attitude, and I strive to enhance both with my work. I relish working with color and texture and finding ways to enhance the face in front of me, and I enjoy the collaborative process involved in a wedding, shoot, or any professional work that I do, I love the never ending boundless option, that glamour looks that pup up after making someone look so unique and different, in fact my dear the love is endless trust me.

Miss Gina Promotes: What is that one product you can’t work without?

Abah Innocent:Hmmmm this one is hard oo, I think I will go for FACE PRIMER…it’s like the glue that wholes my entire work.

Miss Gina Promotes: How old were you when you started make up?

Abah Innocent: I started makeup when I was 26 years old.

Miss Gina promotes: What is your favorite quote?

Abah Innocent:I have so many but I like this Two:
“Practicing makes Perfection”.. Always practice, never stop practicing”. And secondly
“The things that make us different are the qualities that make us beautiful.”

Miss Gina Promotes: What 3 make up items do you think no woman should leave home without ?

Abah Innocent: In my opinion I will say, lip gloss, Powder brush/powder and mirror!

Miss Gina Promotes: Do you know some people who inspired you throughout your career?

Abah Innocent: First is will say HOUSE OF TARA for beauty makeup. In NOLLYWOOD, I will say, TEMISAN ISIOMA EtSEDE, GABAZINI, SOIBIFAA DIMINAS, HAKEEM EFFECT. I get inspired by their works.

Miss Gina Promotes: Can you explain your experience as a make up artist?

Abah Innocent: First I will describe my experience as blessing in disguise.My experience as a makeup artist is full of knowledge for me, I got to know the things I do no know and do the things I long wish to try, my experience comprising of high-end products from international brands; extreme discipline with hygiene and the quality of tools used and; most of all, a positive experience of what the world of make-up has to offer. So it’s a blessing to me trust me dear.

Miss Gina Promotes: What is the deference between applying make up for TV shoot and applying makeup for a live appearance party?

Abah Innocent: Applying Makeup for TV Shoot: The makeup must be stronger in front of camera! The lightning and camera are taking away alot of colors from the makeup, it won’t look as heavy on camera as it actually is. The same goes to live walks on fashion show people won’t even see that the makeup is heavier on you.
As for live appearance, I will say is the opposite of the first, here u don’t get more lightning facing u, Just the few light friendly around for the day, and people will quickly notice if u wear heavy makeup.So I will say a lighter makeup will perform the magic of the day.

Miss Gina Promotes: How can someone get rid of wrinkles?

Abah Innocent: My dear on that I always advice my client to visit skin specialist for that answer, but this little tip I always give to them always helps.
1. Do Facial Exercises.
2. Wash your face at least twice daily.
3. Sleep On Your Back
4. Get at least 7-to-9 hours of sleep each day to help you produce enough HGH to prevent wrinkles by keeping your skin elastic and thick

Miss Gina Promotes: What are the biggest challenges make up artists face?

Abah Innocent: Getting the right skin color to apply on your client. Most makeup artists finds it very difficult to get the right foundation or powder that matches their clients’ skin and that makes your work look rough and dirty.

Miss Gina Promotes: How did your career begin in the world of beauty?

Abah Innocent: I started makeup in the movie industry here in Nigeria NOLLYWOOD, I was on set of a movie tittle HOPELESS TOMORROW directed by Afam Okereke DGN. I came to that set as an actor, but lost my role to someone else, the makeup artist on that set was looking for an assistant I didn’t want to leave the set because of the passion I had for acting, so I offered myself to assist,since he will pay me afterwards. After that set, I began to see that I could do even better in makeup, so I spoke to the guy and he took me as his trainee.The rest is History my dear.

Furthermore, I wanted to find something that challenged me, inspired me, and gave me intrinsic value. Makeup offer those for me, so it made sense to pursue a passion of mine as a career. It has been a creative outlet for me since I joined the Entertainment Industry, I see makeup as an art form. Mixing piece of colors together to form a puzzle in beauty form with endless possibilities. Plus, I love the consistency of something ever-changing.

Doing something I love every day is like getting paid to play.
Originally, I thought acting was what I wanted to do. However, when I started doing makeup, I quickly found that acting was not for me, I was looking for more structure to show my talent of creativity and the ability to travel.

My First major job “JAJA the GREAT” came to me through a director named Nonso Emekaekwe DGN. The movie features the likes of SEGUN ARINZE, THELMA OKAZ, and many more, the movie got 3 nomination in African Magic Viewers Choice Award(AMVCA) which I was also nominated for Best Makeup Artist of the year.

For me, it was an opportunity to show what I can do for the world to see and also a process of elimination and trial by error until I put the pieces together of what I enjoyed doing, and the result of that job is what kept me standing in the industry till today.

Miss Gina Promotes: what is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

Abah Innocent: I always advice my clients to stick to a particular products that suit their skin, avoid sharing of your makeup brushes, and other products with another person to avoid skin reactions…

Miss Gina Promotes: What other experiences do you have apart from make up characters, apart from using typical make up techniques?

Abah Innocent: I have experience in hair braiding, and also I have a little knowledge of fashion too, my Mother is a stylist, a very good tailor as well.I watch her sew clothes and sometimes I assist her.

To know more about Nigeria’s finest makeup artist,Innocent, connect with him on Facebook: Abah Innocent and Instagram: @Innocent_hat



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