“I’ll Never Give Up As Long As I Breathe…” – Tilla The Rapper Speaks Out.

 It’s an emotional Monday for Cameroonian rapper Tilla Raps,as she took to her facebook account to preach “self love” and post new photos of her self.Read full message below…
“I’ll NEVER give up as long as I breathe. I’ll keep on falling and standing right back up, I’ll keep on growing and learning more and more about myself. Sometimes we focus so much on loving and making sacrifices for other people that we tend to neglect or forget to love our very own selves and often end up loosing our uniqueness and originality.

Truth is, you can’t fully grow or love anyone without first loving yourself. Self love is the best love. This year am all about putting myself first and loving myself to the fullest into achieving all I’ve wanted to achieve and become the woman I’ve always dreamt to be. This year it’s all about me. What about you? #loveyourself #rastafari #goals #achievements #onelove #TillaTafari”

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