“I Won’t Promote Songs For Free Anymore” – DJ Wazabanga(Buea Dj) | MissGinaPromotes

Dj Wazabanga demands money from artists!
First of all you might want to know who a “DJ” is in the first place. A disc jockey, often abbreviated as DJ, is a person who plays existing recorded music for a live audience.
Buea based Dj of Ebony Snack bar Dj Wazabanga Champion took to his Facebook account to air a piece of his mind concerning the attitude of certain Cameroonian artists towards DJ’s in relation to Music Promotion. In his own words, he said..
Hello everyone its been a long time coming but I decided to sit and observe maybe things are going to change but they are instead getting worst.We keep asking ourselves why our Cameroon Music Industry cannot progress,because there already made artist don’t support the upcoming artists and it’s really sad to see this and even the artists themselves they take huge amounts of money to shoot videos but they don’t come and see DJ’s for promotions then u people will now sit in your houses and say DJ’s don’t promote Cameroon music.Me Wazabanga Champion I love Cameroon music and u can asks many of this artists I promote them I cannot count how many of their songs I play without even them knowing but I have taking a decision to stop because it has been proven that people don’t want to see others grow.Like one Kamair artist ( I wont call names)came and met me yesterday for promotion and was giving me 2000France😂😂😂😂😂to promote his song like seriously?i was so shocked whereas his paid so much money for beat making and I don’t even know if u people know the meaning of promotion.So what I’m saying is I won’t promote songs for free anymore if you want your song to be played u come see me well prepared.If u take this personal it’s your cup of tea #BestEver #TeamWaza4Life🇨🇲
Of course there are so many facts which are right about his thoughts, and it’s of no doubt that everyone involved in a profitable business affair will always strive to make extra profits,  but at the same time we could ask our selfs a couple of questions.
Are DJ’s supposed to be payed extra money for their services considering the fact that they are being payed monthly by their employers?
What major role do you think a club Dj plays in promoting an artist’s song ?
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