Gossip:Best Music Inc and Empire Company in a Posibble Collaboration?

Something has been happening between this two Kamer Music Companies on the low, but the real motive is yet to surface. Am talking about Empire Company and Best Music Inc. Being a big Fan of both Labels I follow them up closely and here is why I think so.
On December 28 -2015 , during the period of the Douala Hip Hop Festival, a meeting was held between Empire Company and Best Music Inc in Douala. Yes it was a private meeting but I got a clue because the Manager of Best Music Didi Blaise tweeted about it.
We all Know Best Music is based in Buea while Empire is based in Yaounde. So  few weeks after  as we got into the new year 2016, Best Music Inc front Rapper Nami Nami Cyrus.
 took to his Twitter handle to announce he is relocating to Yaounde, which I believe was as a result from the previously held meeting between two parties. 
Empire have been promoting their front Artist Magasco’s New EP Raw Gold and some weeks back the Cover art for Magasco’s Raw Gold Night that was held in Yaounde was posted 
and it featured Guest performers  NÉ GRIÉ  signed to Empire Company and The Best Music Rapper Nami Nami Cyrus. It was clear this was an Empire Event and for a Best Music act to feature on it, the had to be some sort of Collaboration going on. 
Also,  on the day of the Event, the C.E.O and Producer of Best Music Inc SlimBeatz tweets that Best Music is celebrating the Youth Day with Empire Company. 
His Tweet was followed by that of Nami Nami Cyrus 
And Yes the Event was a Success. So what comes next?. Both parties are yet to make an official statement about what’s really going on. 
In my opinion  I will say Empire is either signing Nami Nami Cyrus off Best Music, like Kreef Entertainment did with former Best Music Rapper  Mic Monsta or the Two labels are about to merge into one big Label. Whatever the case maybe I wish them all 
good luck! 
We will keep you guys posted on any new developments as far as this story is Concerned. 

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