Fashion: Desta Couture Breaks The Internet With A Stunning Debut Collection

Desta Couture is a rising fashion/clothing brand founded by a young Cameroonian designer Modesta Kvesinyuywho hails from Banso, Bui Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. Pregnant with talent and a strong over due passion for fashion and styling, Modesta took off on a journey to unleash her talent and serve the world with the products of her creativity.
After spending 7 years on the drawing board and on the sewing machine, Modesta feels its time to hit the fashion market with her fashion brand/clothing line “Desta Couture” founded in the early days of 2017.
Desta Couture is here with a debut collection and it definitely stands the test of time. The brand is here with something new and unique; a creative melange of African and Western styles coupled with a special “Modesta touch” which is completely out of the ordinary. How about the color combination? incredible!!!
Desta Couture is here to meet the immediate needs of a modern day fashion lover with a diverse range of fashion options to chose from. Are you going for a casual, a sexy or a corporate look? Desta couture meets your every need.

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