Event: “CHALK FOR PEACE Tour” Organized by Les Lougars 237 On The 30/03/18 Douala.

The “CHALK FOR PEACE Tour” event organized by LES LOUGARS 237 is a premiere in Africa; whose major goal is to promote education and peace.
The idea is to encourage Cameroonians to follow their own path in order to create an individual stability.

Many people do things they do not like, many are unhappy. Not just because they lack work or education, but simply because they do things that do not fascinate them at all, hence mental instability and subsequently social unrest.

 To know how to build a future that is proper to us, to know how to walk in one’s own way and not to be negatively influenced must be our goal.

 “Do not ask what your country did for you but ask what you did for your country”
Martin Luther King.

The Chalk for Peace Tour is an initiative by one of Cameroon’s super talented artist,whom through his creative art works and paintings have drawn the attention of so many people. On the 31/3/18 in Douala,many paintings will be available on which are painted with chalk of some of our public figures that are examples of success in various sectors of activity.All these celebrities on the charts are people we know the story and we know more or less that their career have not always been easy. These people are models of excellence today thanks to their tenacious passion and their hard work to see their dreams come true. We can therefore learn from their atypical career.

In Cameroon, one of the major concerns is the neglect of the arts by drawing and painting, yet painting is the soul of a nation just as music is the spirit of this one.
   “We must boost young people to relearn drawing and painting since when we do not train young people to that, it kills creativity. Helping young people to develop their talent, be innovative, creative Drawing and painting are very varied fields that will have to be looked at”. – Kobi Williams.


Kobe Williams is a young Cameroonian painter and teacher very passionate about what he practices as profession, he struggles in his own way to promote art in his country. For him “music and painting are very necessary for any country that wishes to emerge: art is the spirit and soul of a nation. Neglecting art in a country is like depriving a body of its soul. Painting allows people to think, cogitate, and reflect. His paintings include a marriage of art, music and photography.


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