Download: The Otantik Mixtape By Yung Time

Buea Based Record Label Otantik Entertainment made of 4 acts Yung Time, Mihney, Belvia and Uncle Dro just released their long awaited mixtape titled OTANTIK. All the artist express their diverse rap styles and lyrical strength as they put a twist to some of the most popular American hits with 100% Camer originality and its a must listen.
Some guest artist on this mixtape include Mic Monsta, Cool Kid, Nanova, Slima and A.V.
My Personal 3 favorite tracks on this Mixtape include Mami Bakalauh-uh/uh-hum and  Tu me kno ft Mic Monsta and Cool Kid  you can follow the link to get the  Full Mixtape. 

Download Full Otantik Mixtape

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